i know i look crazy too, but i cannot stop looking at these photos and dying at Chris’ ridiculous faces.  i mean, you’d think he’d just walked out of a dark cave and saw the sun for the first time.

one of the reasons i love this man so hard is that he makes me laugh a million times a day without even trying…here’s proof ;)

(i’m laughing with you, Chris.  really.  xxx.)

these are our parents.  aren’t they cute?

collectively, these people have been married for something like 80 years.  pretty incredible.

last week Chris’ folks took a road trip to visit some friends in New York and on the way they stopped over at my mom and dad’s house.  the four of them visited and went out to eat and Chris’ parents spent the night there before waking up to drive the rest of the way.  Chris and i facetimed with all four of them together, a hilarious scene if i’ve ever seen one.

after we hung up, Chris and i were still laughing about the ridiculousness of them all, especially en masse, but we also turned to one another and said out loud how happy and grateful we are that they get along.  more than that, our parents like each other.  and we like them.

having achieved the ripe age of thirty and been married a whopping three and a half years myself, i know that this is no small thing.  marriage is hard.  raising kids looks crazy on a good day, and keeping a family close seems next to impossible.  but they’ve done it, and they’ve been excellent models for us.

each one of them is a sounding board and advisor.  each offers a unique perspective when needed, endless amounts of patience, timely bits of humor, good (if sometimes unwanted) advice, and, of course, the occasional kick in the pants.  they’re great parents and wonderful people, a fact that is made all the more important as we realize we are becoming more and more like them each day.

this is long, but i guess i just wanted to put it out there.  i never want to forget how lucky i am to have two sets of supportive, kind, and loving parents, and i hope that when i become a parent myself i can do half as good a job as they’ve done.

also.  chris and i are having a baby.