let’s talk turkey.

Chris and i are going to Denver for the Fastest Thanksgiving Ever (Thurs - Sat). My sister in law Liz doesn’t love to cook and i feel bad that i won’t be there to help. What can i make ahead and carry onto the plane? Bonus points if kids like it and i move up in the ranks of Best Aunt Ever.

  1. whiskeybentandhellbound said: Cookies!
  2. ohhelloholly said: cornbread w/ cranberries; mushroom stuffing. the stuffing especially won’t dry out quickly.
  3. shesagoodegg said: Dessert seems like the best option. Maybe some kind of pumpkin bars? Or is it possible to order some tasty sides from a store by your sis that could be picked up her or your fam?
  4. twolimessplease said: cookies travel well and are still awesome even if they don’t and get all crumbly (just add ice cream). they may not shriek “traditional Thanksgiving food!”, but I don’t know a single kid that doesn’t like cookies.
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