and on a lighter note…

which Birchbox did you guys go with?  the regular one?  or the Teen Vogue one?

  1. madameme answered: regular. I hope I didn’t make a mistake!
  2. tehvalerie answered: Teen Vogue though it may have been a bad idea. Last month’s stupid lip tattoo has made me nervous.
  3. oh-onelovelyday answered: Teen Vogue one. They got me at Essie.
  4. italianafrenchie answered: Teen Vogue!!
  5. iamtallandawesome said: Teen one though it still seems weird.
  6. rockabillyjanet answered: Teen vogue :D
  7. kristensdaily answered: was going to do the teen one for fun, and then my mouse clicked “regular” for me. i take it as a sign that the universe is looking out for me
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    I went with the teen one because I hope it will make a fun present for my niece’s birthday.
  9. nyclust answered: i went with teen vogue because i thought it might have a fun essie color. i feel weird about it, though.
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