life update: mom edition

  • i think i got my first little taste of being mommy judged last night.  tl;dr Jude is awesome and happy to entertain himself and i think some mom at the party thought we were attending thought we were neglecting our child.
  • i’m pretty sure Jude is going to be huge.  twice in the past two weeks we’ve been around babies who are several months older but smaller than Jude.  considering he was on the smallish side when he was born (6#8oz), he has more than made up for that and grown a ton.  he’s always been in a high percentile for height and he’s definitely been packing on the pounds.  4 month checkup on Friday…guess we’ll find out then how big he really is!
  • my baby is going to be 4 months on the 23rd.
  • PT started last week and we’ve been doing a lot of “homework”.  Jude hates all the exercises and it breaks my heart when he screams, but alas, it must be done.
  • Jude has figured out that i’m attached to my boobs.  i think that before they were just there for him to eat and i was just mom, but now he’s put together that they are me.  he now stops and looks up at me and smiles all the time while he is nursing, which is both beyond adorable and somewhat frustrating (because he needs to quit playing and eat!).
  • after weeks of blissful through-the-night sleeping, Jude hit a little growth spurt and began waking once or twice to eat in the night.  fine, no big deal.  but then, just when things were getting back to normal, this lingering cold he’s had flared up and for the past few nights has been waking himself (read: all of us) up coughing.
  • and finally, my big boy has been super handsy lately.  he’s found his feet and he loves to grab any and everything.  he pinches me and kicks me and squirms all around and i’m excited for/dreading the day when he rolls over and then gets up and starts running around.
  • i’m as obsessed with my baby as ever and wish you all could see him and squeeze his chubby thighs because really, he’s just the best.