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All I ever hear are the horrible parts of pregnancy, childbirth, actually raising another human being. What are the good parts? Are there good parts? Is it more affordable than it's made out to be?

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Oh my god the good definitely outweigh the bad. Definitely.

Childbirth- regardless of how you deliver, you feel like fucking Superman. Granted, Superman after kryptonite blows his dick off, but still. You made a human person and it came out of your body. It’s fucking miraculous.

Sometimes I just look at Em and I am moved to tears. That sounds so incredibly dumb, but it’s true. She’s a person- her own person with a brain and a personality and a world-view. I made her (ok Jon helped quite a bit). But she is an extension of me and also her own entity and sometimes it’s just overwhelmingly amazing. 

The other day I asked Em what she wants to be for Halloween and without missing a beat she was like “I’m a doggy, Mama’s a kitty, and Dada’s a piggy.” Her brain came up with that shit all on its own. IT’S LEARNING.

You get to do really fun stuff with your kids. You build block towers, read cool books, you think about all the cool stuff you get to do someday. You have hilarious conversations. You teach them how to do things like High Five and laugh when they fart. It’s pretty awesome. 

It’s as affordable as you make it. Some people buy brand new Gap (or Givenchy) clothes, some people buy everything second hand or get hand-me-downs. Daycare is expensive but there are affordable options. You just have to be realistic with your own budget. 

every day is a crazy, amazing adventure.

The Goldfinch

i wanted to read this book because The Internet told me to, but it’s like 138591835 pages and mama don’t have that kind of time so i got it on CD to listen to on my way to/from work.

now it’s been a week and i’m six (of twenty-freaking-six) discs in and basically nothing has happened except for a lot of repetitive description about how awful it is to lose a parent and to be a teenager.

so.  does this book pick up?  does anything actually happen?  does it ever get back to the freaking painting?

…or should i move on to the next (i’d ask for other favorites but now you can’t be trusted)?

Texting while feeding a baby diverts the caregiver’s attention away from the child. Although constant attention is not necessary, be mindful that feeding time is a unique (and fleeting) opportunity to spend intimate time with your child and help build this powerful connection. Staring at each other in silence can be calming, centering, and a great way to develop an understanding of your baby’s minute body cues, but is often difficult. Reading out loud, talking or singing to your infant, or engaging older children with her can help increase her language development while also building connectedness.

Is brexting (texting while breastfeeding) okay? | Center on Media and Child Health

So keep in mind, breastfeeding parents, when you’re on your 11th hour of breastfeeding in a single day, all eyes on your baby. No texting, no movies, no reading a book. If you’re not looking your baby in the eye 12 hours a day, you are not building a good connection with your baby. Bad mommy! Bad!

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Lol. Fucking stop. Smart phones are the best thing to ever happen to breastfeeding.

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I am pretty sure Eleanor is just fine despite reading through almost every feeding for the first 6 mo.

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when i nurse Jude, i’m playing Candy Crush, picking at his ears, talking quietly to him, eating, drinking, texting, replying to emails, cleaning out his toejam, taking my turn on Words with Friends, watching Parks and Rec, rubbing his back, clearing out his eye goobers, and more.  the only thing i can’t do is talk to other people because he gets pissed and side-eyes me, but other than that we’re chill. 

bonding achievement unlocked, constant eye contact unnecessary.



It is 2014 and this happened, and is happening every single day.

If you read the story, you’ll notice that the only locked room on this cell block was the copy room; all of the offices near the inmates were unsecured.

Which means the prison values a fucking Xerox machine higher than the lives of its employees. 

what the actual fuck.