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life update: hashtag mess

  • Chris was in a car accident on Wed. and our poor little Fit is likely totaled.  he had just dropped Jude off at school (thank god) and was going with the speed of traffic on I25 when some crazy gina slammed into him from behind going like 90 mph.  i am so, so thankful that Chis is ok, but for real - who does that?  how can you be just flying down a 4 lane interstate during rush hour and not see an orange car directly in front of you?  why do you have a license?  what is your malfunction?
  • Jude is sick again :(
  • i finally had a meltdown yesterday morning, when i couldn’t keep it together anymore.  luckily, it was right before i had to leave for work, when i was already late.  work, baby, accident, paperwork, bills, etc., etc., etc.  nothing was working, nothing was right, nothing fit, nothing was going the way it was supposed to go…it was a really special moment.  well, few moments.
  • but i’ve pulled it together today…for now…with the help of retail therapy.
  • i did some shopping this morning and got some work appropriate clothes that fit (PSA: everything already on sale at J. Crew is an extra 50% off) and new glasses and extra cheesy popcorn.
  • and now i’m going to write some code so that hopefully i’ll feel more confident on Monday than i did on Friday.
  • and then i’m going to the pool.
  • thanks for listening, good talk.

if you’re curious about my new place of employment, here’s a short video about NREL and what the lab does.

i definitely feel like i’ve come full circle…from EPA, where i didn’t actually feel like i was doing anything to protect the environment, even as an “Environmental Protection Specialist”, to LivingSocial and startup world, where i loved the fast pace but missed the public service part, to now, where i’m using the skills i learned in the tech world to contribute at a place that really does a lot to improve the world we live in.

…but no, i do not wear safety goggles. i sit in a cube and write code all day ;)